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EC Credit Control is a full-service debt management solution created for multi-sized businesses Australasia-wide. We have been in operation for over 30 years and have supported more than 80,000 businesses to achieve their goals and keep their business thriving.

Systems and processes have changed over the years, and we too have evolved and adapted – into a digitally savvy, data-driven business backed by human connection. It’s that combination of data smarts and the personal touch that achieves results for our clients.

Debt resolution is the very core of our business and we work with corporate entities and small to medium-sized businesses in all areas of cash flow protection and credit management.

Here are the services we provide:

Debt Resolution

We help chase slow and non-payers promptly and efficiently while maintaining a good relationship between the debtor and our clients

Terms and Conditions of Trade

We tailor-make documentation for businesses that outlines things like their payment terms and other legal clauses that help protect them and their customers.

Contractual Documentation

We can also assist businesses with other contracts and building contracts. These are generally for those business owners who are in the building/tradie industry.

Privacy Policies

We can provide businesses with a privacy policy to help implement procedures they need to have in place. If a business has a website, we can also supply them with the legal jargon they need to display to be compliant.

Credit Reporting

We have partnered with reporting agencies Equifax and Centrix who provide our clients with credit information on their clients or potential customers when they need it.

PPSA Registrations

If a client hires out their personal property as part of their business, for example, scaffolding or heavy machinery, we can help them to register this property on what is called the PPS register.

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