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Get on with doing what you love, while we chase your slow-payers.

When you work with EC Credit Control, you have our team of experts at your disposal. Over the 30+ years, we’ve been in the business, we have been perfecting our debt recovery and total credit management process to bring you results, time and time again. 

Our team of New Zealand-based professionals are focused on helping you enjoy healthy cash flow, which is essential to every successful business.

Trusted by over 30,000 businesses throughout Australasia.

We provide support to a wide variety of businesses, from small business debt recovery to large corporates. Whether you’re a team of one or a team of 20, we give every client the same level of care

Our online portal makes it easy and gives you the power to load, track and collect debts with ease.

Prompt debt recovery with our simple 6 step debt recovery process.

How debt recovery works -You Load

1. You Load

Load your debt online using our easy web portal. This can be done by completing a simple form or by selecting invoices from your Xero or MYOB account.

How debt recovery works - We investigate

2. We Investigate

We will review the details of your debt, undertake searches on various databases and append any information to put us in a stronger position from the outset.

How debt recovery works - We contact

3. We Contact

The debt collection process begins. We utilise multiple communication channels to make contact as quickly as possible. 

How debt recovery works - Debt load fee

4. Debt Load Fee

We invoice you a debt load fee per debt loaded at the end of the month. A debt can be made up for multiple invoices.

How debt recovery works - We deliver

5. We Deliver

We charge commission on every dollar collected. No commission is charged until your debt is collected.

How debt recovery works - Job Done

6. Job Done

Your cash flow has been attended to, and your valuable time has been saved.

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We work on a no collection, no commission cost structure. 

The only up-front cost to you is the debt-load fee of $50 (excluding GST).

Commission is charged to you based on the total payment received or arranged for recovery.

This is regardless of whether any recovery costs involved are collected.

Our commission charges (excluding GST) are as follows:

25% on the first $10,000.00
15% on the next $10,000.00
5% over $20,000.00

If they haven’t paid in 90 days, do load your debt for collection as soon as possible. To discuss your specific needs, get in touch.

This depends on many factors and is therefore different case by case. We have collected within 24 hours in previous cases.

Yes, this has a positive impact on reaching a quick resolution.

No, but please get in touch if there are special circumstances.

If you have comprehensive Terms and Conditions of Trade, you can often recover these costs from your customer. Contact us to see if this is possible.

Absolutely. We have Business Support Specialists throughout the country who in most instances can meet you in person or via our virtual meeting room. Click on ‘Contact>Locations’ in the top menu to find your local representative.

Our friendly Customer Service team are available to answer any questions.

Fill in the form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

See what our clients are saying:

Tisha Diack
Tisha Diack
12. November, 2023.
Happy with EC Credit Control after the second iteration of our Terms and Conditions, as we are now dealing with a great account manager. Have made the process of advising our clients of changes to our Terms of Trade easy, by providing us with advice on what to say, and also providing a document with the changes to our original (for clients who request it). You don't know what you don't know, so recommend using EC Credit Control for your business Terms and Conditions of Trade.
Julie Richards
Julie Richards
12. November, 2023.
Thanks for a very thorough, easy to understand online meeting that explained what we need to do to protect our company by ensuring we have the right customer processes in place around T&C's and Credit control.
Jane Daniell
Jane Daniell
8. November, 2023.
EC Credit was charged with writing my (complex) TnCs for my new website. The whole job, from request and dealing with lovely Stacey to final print, was seamless, easy, helpful, and very prompt. I really appreciate the personal touch and help I received. I would recommend and trust EC Credit for the job you ask of them with no fuss and no excuses but with lots of care and swiftness. Thanks, Stacey.
Smart Click
Smart Click
6. November, 2023.
Great service and team
Admin Central Interiors
Admin Central Interiors
28. October, 2023.
EC Credit have been extremely helpful updating our terms and conditions for our business. I would recommend any small business to have theirs updated.
Lachlan Mackie
Lachlan Mackie
26. October, 2023.
EC credit control is great to work with, good communication and regular updates. With their system its super easy to load customers. We had a couple of successful depth collections already. Thank you
Pat Bowles
Pat Bowles
21. September, 2023.
Thanks for the great service and spending the time to go through the processes, definitely feel a lot more protected in the event of any dispute. Highly recommend.
Holly Blair
Holly Blair
21. September, 2023.
Fast easy service, client paid account fast once EC Credit was involved 🙂
ADP Hydraulics
ADP Hydraulics
7. September, 2023.
EC Credit Control have been awesome to work with. They make strive to make every process as smooth and easy as possible.

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