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Terms of Trade & Debt Resolution
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Terms and Conditions of Trade & Unlimited Overdue Debt Loads for $99 + GST Per Month

Introducing a new way to protect your business, help ensure you get paid, and allow you to escalate your overdue debtors to us for a single monthly fee.

Our monthly subscription service offers a simple and easy cloud-based terms and conditions of trade solution including unlimited debt loading for a low cost of $99 (+GST) per month.  No up-front cost (saving you $2,500 or more) and no debt load fee for loading your slow-paying customers with us for resolution. 

This means you get ongoing protection and a clear escalation path if customers don’t pay you on time.

How it works

  1. Sign up using the form below.
  2. We talk with you to identify the unique needs and risks associated with your business.
  3. We create and customise terms and conditions of trade for your business and host them online for you via a unique url.
  4. You then link to that url from your emails, website, quotes, proposals, invoicing system and anywhere that you transact with customers.
  5. We keep the terms up to date with legislative changes for the duration of your subscription.
  6. If any of your customers haven’t paid you on time, you can escalate them to us for free.

What's included?

Terms and Conditions of Trade

Comprehensive Terms and Conditions of Trade based on a full redesign in conjunction with Bell Gully and the Commerce Commission in 2023.  Our terms and conditions are focussed on ensuring that you get paid.  This is a premium product that we constantly update in order to keep pace with the latest legislation.

We clearly lay out the obligations of both parties and cover:

  • Products and services
  • Price
  • Payment terms including the event of non-payment
  • Compliance obligations including privacy
  • Liability and dispute resolution

We include references to:

  • Privacy Act
  • Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Personal Property Securities Act
  • Companies Act
  • Health and Safety at Work Act

We also assess fairness with respect to:

  • Fair Trading Act
  • Unfair contract terms

Overdue Invoice Escalation

Send us your overdue invoices for resolution and save yourself the time and hassle of chasing your slow-paying customers (saving $50 per customer) – minimum debt value $250.

Resolving overdue accounts is at the very core of what we do. Every day, we work with hundreds of kiwi businesses to ensure that they get paid.

Our resolution process is simple and easy for you to escalate your overdue invoices to us.

Our user-friendly web portal makes passing on your customer information easy.

If you use Xero or myob, you can connect your account and pull your customer and invoice data directly from there.

We get to work immediately to get your invoices paid from a resolution-based approach that helps to keep customer relationships intact.

You are empowered to escalate any customers that don’t keep their commitment to you.

Our Kiwi team is driven to resolve your outstanding accounts.  If we are unsuccessful, we don’t get paid – commission is payable to us in the event of a successful result as per our terms and conditions.

Check out our FAQ section below. Can’t find the answer you are looking for?  Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

There is no minimum term.  You can cancel any time. 

You have a right to use the terms and conditions in your business for the duration of your subscription.  Ownership and copyright of the terms remains with us and you must not copy or disseminate the terms and conditions in any way except for linking to them. 

There are a number of reasons for this.  Firstly, every business is unique and someone else’s terms and conditions are unlikely to be applicable to your business.  Secondly, as the terms and conditions are our intellectual property, we take any infringement on their copyright very seriously and we have measures in place to prevent plagiarism,  to monitor and to track unauthorised activity.  If we find that there has been unauthorised distribution of our terms, we will take action.

If you cancel, the Terms and conditions will no longer be available online and you will no longer have any benefit from them.  You can still escalate overdue customers to us however you will need to pay our debt load fee.  You can restart your subscription at any time.

Payment is monthly via direct debit.

Yes, the minimum account/customer escalation value is $250 per customer.  Any customers loaded below this value will be subject to a debt load fee.

We work on a no collection, no commission cost structure. 

There is no upfront debt load fee.

Commission is charged to you based on the total payment received or arranged for recovery.

This is regardless of whether any recovery costs involved are collected.

Our commission charges (excluding GST) are as follows:

25% on the first $10,000.00
15% on the next $10,000.00
5% over $20,000.00

If you sell good and services, our cloud-based terms and conditions will be suitable.  Some industries require terms and conditions to cover additional legislation and these industries may not be covered.  We can work through this when we talk through the needs and risks of your business.  The chances are that your business will be covered by our cloud-based solution, if not, then we may be able to help with a more traditional solution.

Absolutely! If you have a suggestion, please contact us. We are already working on a few ideas and scoping their feasibility.
The main benefits are that these terms and conditions are updated to be in-line with legislative changes and that by having a subscription you do not need to pay a debt load fee in the event that a customer doesn’t pay you on time.  Further, you have no paper to worry about, customers can view your terms at any time and there is no up-front fee.

Ready to sign up or need more information?

Our friendly Customer Service team are available to talk you through what you need. Call us today at 0800 324 768 or fill in the form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

See what our clients are saying:

Wolf Mach
Wolf Mach
26. June, 2024.
Fast and very efficient
Chris Buckley
Chris Buckley
18. June, 2024.
Colin has been extremely helpful getting my owner/ operator business sorted with all the correct forms. He has listened to what I want to do with my business and always offered really good advise to cover many different scenarios. The website is also very easy to use and I can clearly see what is happening with bad debtors at any time.
Angela Kerrigan
Angela Kerrigan
13. June, 2024.
great service and quick resolution
Wainwright & Co Stonemasons
Wainwright & Co Stonemasons
9. June, 2024.
We have been with EC Credit Control for many years. We highly recommend their services, especially for new or small to medium size businesses.
Colin Parkinson
Colin Parkinson
12. April, 2024.
Quick action from request - sorted