Terms of Trade Documentation

Having clear Terms of Trade will ensure the smooth running of your business. Start your business off the right way with a comprehensive credit management package.

Do you want to make sure your money is in your account?

Do you want to have a clear legal relationship with your customer?

Do you want to be able to collect debts in a simple straightforward and effective manner?

Terms Of Trade Documentation

A credit management package establishes a clear legal relationship with your customers right from the beginning. Because every business is different, the documents will be tailored to you and even have your company logo on them.

Advantages of Terms of Trade Documents

Having correct terms and conditions in place will mean;

  • They will help protect against the loss of profit
  • Provide indemnity from potential liabilities
  • Enable charges to be imposed for late payment
  • Provide the advantage of reservation of title until goods are paid for (available in most circumstances where goods are sold)
  • improve cash flow and reduce the cost of monitoring payments
  • Ease of resolving disputes and unpaid accounts.

Personalised Documents

EC Credit Control has a range of documentation that can be personalised for your business including:

  • Terms & Conditions of Trade Documentation
  • Credit Application forms
  • Work Authorisation forms
  • Quotation forms
  • Sales Order forms
  • Personal Guarantees and Indemnities
  • Estimate and Variation forms

Comprehensive Service

EC Credit Control provides a comprehensive conditions service that will ensure you are covered for:

  • Sale of Goods Act 1908
  • Fair Trading Act 1986
  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
  • Personal Property Securities Act 1999
  • Recovery of Costs, Expenses and Interest
  • Construction Contracts Act 2002

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