PPS services

Our team is fully aware of all legislative requirements covering the Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA) as we have been dealing with PPSA in NZ since 2002.  We have the expertise to assist so you have the knowledge that your registration (PPSR) is correct and most importantly, valid.

We specialise in, and can help you;

  • Reviewing all relevant documentation to ensure compliance with appropriate Legislation
  • Completing PPS Registrations on your behalf on the PPS Register (PPSR)
  • Establishing a Secured Party Group on your behalf
  • Ensuring registrations have the correct legal entity prior to registering
  • Confirmation that registrations have the correct contact and address details
  • Maintaining your PPS Registrations for up to five years

We also;

  • Provide phone assistance on all registration matters
  • Provide assistance on how to complete a registration form
  • Ensure you have the correct paperwork in place to allow your interest to be registered
  • Advice on what changes need to be made to your documentation to complete a registration

We can save you money and time by taking over this function.  We can also help reduce the possibility of registering an invalid interest by not having the correct documentation in place, the correct collateral type noted, or incorrect debtor details loaded.

Terms and Conditions of Trade for PPS Registrations

A large part of protecting your position when it comes to PPS Registrations comes down to your Terms and Conditions of Trade.

We are specialists in writing customised terms and conditions for many SME and large organisations throughout New Zealand from a diverse range of industries.

With our vast experience in writing terms and conditions of trade we ensure that our clients are not only protected from a PPSR perspective but also from many other perspectives such as Debt Collection, Privacy, Disputes and more.

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