With news of liquidations on the increase, particularly in the construction sector, we are seeing that labour shortages, a surge in supply costs, lack of supply, payment delays and inflation hikes are certainly affecting many of our clients. 

EC Credit Control is a full-service business support service created for multi-sized businesses Australasia-wide. We have been in operation for over 30 years and have made a difference to more than 80,000 businesses’ cash flows. 

If you are a business looking to protect your assets we’ve got you covered.

Solutions tailored for you.

Made to measure Terms of Trade.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to drafting up this documentation, particularly if you need clauses and contracts in place that refer to any fixed pricing or late delivery penalties.

Making a difference to your bottom line.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business’s success so getting on top of your unpaid accounts early is important. It only takes 2-minutes to sign up and let us take care of it for you.

Protecting your interests and assets.

If you are an entity that sells or hires out goods or services, a bank or financier who lends funds, or a business that offers credit you should ensure your interests and assets are protected. We can assist with all your PPSR requirements. 

Don’t rely on only a handshake.

Only last week, I was visited by a local lawn mowing business that was quoting to manage my property on an ongoing basis. We happily parted ways with a verbal agreement to take on the job, but I received no written quote and no terms of trade.

How many times as a business have you or your employees done the same and agreed on proceeding with the job by only a handshake?

Often, it’s only when you are looking to recover an overdue payment from a customer that you realise that not having any terms of trade or not presenting it to your customer at the right time or on the correct documentation could be a costly error.

Find out what you need to know.

Welcome to my virtual meeting room.

If you are working from home or not available for a face-to-face meeting I am more than happy to meet you online in one of our virtual meeting rooms. 

The costly realities of a privacy breach.

Privacy breaches are commonplace. As an organisation, you must ensure you are following procedures.  Ensuring your customer’s personal information is stored securely in addition to only using it for its intended purpose.

If something was to go wrong, and you have no procedures in place it could cost you money and in turn damage your reputation.

Find out your responsibilities and how we can assist.

Easy ways to improve your billing workflow.

Are you looking to get paid on time?

End-of-month billing can be a daunting prospect, and there is no guarantee of on-time payment.

However, by improving your workflow there is a greater chance of having a healthier cash flow. 

Here are some ways you can improve your invoicing processes.

What our clients are saying:
5 STARS!!!!! awesome dealing with the team. Highly Recommend Lindsay Hill. Fast response and very helpful. We look forward to future dealings! AUTO IMPORTS & WHOLESALE LTD.
Tracey eruera
Tracey eruera
26. July, 2022.
Have just signed up Toni has been great to work with
Logan Gurney
Logan Gurney
11. July, 2022.
Crucial to get your terms up to date, ECC have a very simple step by step process...
Dan Crawshaw
Dan Crawshaw
7. July, 2022.
In this day and age Terms of Trade & Debt Collection services are a necessary evil for all business, no matter how big or small. Stacey from EC Credit was a pleasure to deal with. She explained everything well & answered all our questions - even the silly ones! Big thumbs up to the whole Team.
Ace Concrete
Ace Concrete
15. June, 2022.
I found out about these guys by word of mouth, the best publicity in my books. They have been so easy to deal with, highly professional but friendly at the same time.
Sharlaine Hutchins
Sharlaine Hutchins
8. June, 2022.
Starting my own business was daunting but I knew I wanted to start off on the right foot with robust systems and support. I was recommended to contact ECCC by my accountant who had heard good things through her other clients. John got in touch quickly, we met and he explained what it was they could offer me thoroughly. He made sure to explain how each clause was relevant for my business. I appreciate his friendly, professional advice and genuine enthusiasm for my new enterprise. I am currently dealing with my first invoice dispute and again, John has been quick to respond and offer advise. He is a true asset to your business. I will continue to recommend your services to those I believe will benefit from them.
Ella Star
Ella Star
2. June, 2022.
Great organization for sorting out all your contractual back end and any debt related issues (hopefully you never need to use that part of the service!)
Nathan Reynolds
Nathan Reynolds
31. May, 2022.

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