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Have you reached the end of the debt collection process with no result?

Still have a stubborn Debtor?

In some circumstances it is necessary to instigate court proceedings against a stubborn debtor. EC Credit control can assist you with this process. If a debt remains uncollected after the debt collection process then we can discuss further steps.

If we deem it worthwhile we will contact you to discuss the options for legal action. We will walk you through the process so you have a complete understanding of what it involves. Often being served with court documents prompts a debtor to pay the debt without any further action needed to be taken.

If legal action appears to be in your favour, EC Credit Control can on your instruction take the following actions;

  • Arrange for the preparation of legal documents necessary to take action through the District Courts, and
  • Arrange for the filing of the documents at the relevant Court, and
  • Arrange for the service of the documents on the debtor, and
  • If the action remains undefended we will arrange for the application of judgment by default on your behalf

The fees for this service as based on the district court scale of costs. This means that if a judgment is awarded in your favour and enforcement is successful all of your relevant legal costs will be reimbursed by the debtor.

Where it appears that High Court action is required, or special legal procedures are involved we may refer you directly to our solicitors.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.