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7 steps to manage client payments

Small changes to your billing workflow can make all the difference. Tweaks to the billing process are one of the key things that can benefit businesses exponentially. The process itself can be set up to do a lot of the heavy lifting, working like clockwork to help your customers pay on time.  Here are a […]

What changes in your customer’s payment behaviour are you noticing?

Managing your risk is really important. A change in a customer’s payment behaviour can be quite telling. Perhaps they have missed a payment, or you are noticing that payments that were normally timely seem to be lagging behind. When a customer’s habits do change it’s normal to have some concerns about being paid. It’s important […]

What you need to know about Subcontractor Agreements

What is a Subcontractor Agreement? A Subcontractor Agreement is a legally binding contract between the head contractor and the subcontractors. This contract defines who is responsible for: The work Protection of people and property Control of employees and who pays them Materials and equipment Site cleaning Dispute resolution Programme of works and variations Insurance Licences […]

Dry hire vs. Wet hire – The facts

What Hire Agreement is right for your business? If you’re hiring out physical equipment, machinery or vehicles you’ll need to have a hire agreement in place, firstly to protect your assets and secondly to mitigate any risk. There are two types of hire agreements, dry hire and wet hire. To know what type of hire […]

How East Coast Glass and Glazing benefited from Terms

Terms and Conditions of Trade - the benefits.

Success Stories: How East Coast Glass and Glazing benefited from Terms and Conditions of Trade. Starting a new business can be both exciting and daunting. Husband and Wife team, Chris and Emma McCarthy know this first hand.  After 15 years working in the industry for others, it was time to set up East Coast Glass […]

Reducing your risk as a supplier

If you supply goods or assets, you could be putting your business at risk.  The PPSR could be of benefit to you and reduce the risk. What is the PPSR? PPSR stands for Personal Property Securities Register and is an online service account where you can register a legal claim to your personal property. The […]

What makes a good business owner?

We talk to many business owners about what made them successful, and there are some recurring themes that have helped them and added value to their operations. Let’s take a look. Assess your current practices on a regular basis. Running a regular assessment of your current processes is beneficial. Your assessment will help pinpoint if […]

Choosing your business structure

There are a few ways you can structure your business, each with its own set of pros and cons. Businesses, organisations, non-profits and charities have certain tax obligations when setting up. They may also have obligations with other government agencies like the Companies Office or Charities Services. Here is some information on the different options. […]

Registering your new business – What you need to know

Thank you to our accounting software partner Xero for this great content. There is a bit of paperwork and people who need to know about your new business. Here are a few fundamentals you need to know. How to register a business with the government. There are a few government departments that need to know […]

Onboarding your customers, the right way to save any future hassles

Have you been thinking about tightening up your processes for when the unexpected happens? We talk about handshake deals a fair bit and that’s because many of our clients and the business owners we talk to on a daily basis have been guilty of agreeing to them. Sometimes those deals are fine, but on occasion, […]