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Changes to the Privacy Act come into being on 1st December 2020, is your business ready?

John’s is!

Meet John.  He owns a New Zealand building company.  Like many businesses, John holds a lot of private information about his employees, contractors and clients.

A couple of months ago, John contacted the team at EC Credit Control as he had heard about some Privacy Law changes and he wanted to ensure his business was going to be compliant.

John was mainly concerned about the following things:

• Data Storage
• Ensuring the data was only used for the intended purpose
• Whether he needed to appoint a Privacy Officer
• If his company’s privacy statement was up to standard
• What to do if he discovered a data breach
• What his company’s overall privacy obligations were

When running a business, it is hard to be an expert in everything. The great thing is, by leaning on the expertise of the EC Credit Control team, John could focus on building amazing homes, not on becoming an expert in Privacy Law.

Firstly, one of our team sat down with John to gain a greater understanding of his business and what his current practices were.

From there, we were able to equip John’s business with a comprehensive Privacy Manual. That meant he could be sure he was ticking all the legal boxes and his company remained compliant with the new amendments being introduced in December.

John now knows his business is legally complying with Privacy matters.

If you would like to ensure that your business is compliant too, then contact us today.

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